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Blended Services Group are leaders in the delivery and management of multi trade refurbishment and construction projects, managing internal and contracting trade teams, overseeing domestic, commercial and industrial projects, conducting site remediation, and owning our projects from start to finish. Our business and our projects are managed and completed by experienced tradespeople and the customer is king. Quality is a given, customer service is our difference.




Our vision at Blended Services Group is to be the industry's cornerstone for construction projects that require multifaceted expertise. We aim to bridge the gap between diverse construction needs and specialised, top-tier services. It's our ambition to not only build structures but to also foster the growth of communities and enhance the human experience through our work.



We are dedicated to steering major projects from the ground up, ensuring every phase is managed with precision and excellence. Our mission is to deliver outstanding outcomes across all areas of construction, from the deepest plumbing lines to the highest electrical grids, and from the foundation to the final landscaped garden.


Our distinctive business model at Blended Services Group provides us with a competitive edge. Through seamless integration across our specialized divisions, we optimize efficiency, streamline timelines, enhance cost-effectiveness, and deliver the exceptional quality that defines our brand. This integrated approach enables us to surpass industry standards and exceed client expectations with every project we undertake.

01   Project Management

02  Carpentry & Maintenance

03  Plumbing
04  Electrical

05  Painting & Plastering

06  Site Preparation

07  Makesafe Services

08  Civil Remediation & Repair

09  Upgrades & Improvements

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